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A thousand years ago, Zadoc brought the dark side of the island to life, and tried to conqure Kinkow, but the king at the time, tricked him, into going into the dark side, causing him to turn to stone, Following the panic of the darkside Growing, King Boomer and Brady tried to buy the island some time, by moving his statue back four feet, but the rock they used was a turtle, so he rolled back into the darkside, and was free again. Returning he brought the dark side to life again, and caused it to attack, however he still needed the soul of a king, so he blasted the royal ballon, holding Boomer and Brady out of the sky, unaware, of there recent abdication, and sent his new minions (formally four of the royal guards) to capture them. Upon learning they were no longer kings, he sent his men to get Lanny, who he had tied to his sacrifical alter, so he could slowly crush him to death, and take his soul, allowing him to expand the darkside to the whole island, and rule over all. Motived by what they had seen in the caves, Brady and Boomer went to Zadoc's temple, to stop him, and a bid to try and save himself, Lanny gave the throne back to Brady and Boomer. Angry Zadoc attacked, and a fight broke out, using there agility, the two managed to keep dodging his energy bolts. Because of there bravery, the island started fighting back, and the lightside, began pushing the darkside back, so that the gap was just outside Zadoc's temple, relising that they could defeat him, Brady distracted Zadoc, while Boomer charged him, and pushed him into the lightside, causing him to return to stone, and undoing all his damage.

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